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Local Adventures

Descriptions of some of our pre-packaged day and partial day trips are below. Detailed pricing for these trips is below. We accept major credit cards and cash. We do not take checks because, well, who writes checks anymore anyway? To reserve a trip, you must pay in advance. "How do I do that?" you say? When you call Captain Rod to book a trip, he will email you an invoice though Quickbooks. You can pay by credit card or Apple Pay. Once you pay, your trip will be booked and show up on our calendar on the Availability page (only your invoice number will show, which is also the date and time of your trip). Our cancellation and refund policy is here.

We will not book a charter without speaking to you in person, so call Captain Rod at 252.646.8110. We want to make sure we know what you want to do and that you understand what we can--and cannot--do. And, the best way to make sure we all know what is possible and expected is to talk about it. Clear communication is key to a successful day on the water!

We don't usually like limitations, but all of our cruises are limited to no more than 6 guests. (So, this means anywhere from one guest to six guests. All ages welcome.) Other than that, we can work with you on just about anything.

We operate seven days a week, and while your best bet is to book in advance, we also take "walk-ins." So, give us a call and let's go sailing!

We must have a signed waiver for each person who will be joining us on the cruise (available for download on the Really Important Legal Stuff page). Any guest younger than eighteen years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must sign the waiver on behalf of their child or ward. We also must have a signed agreement to the Terms, Conditions, and Rules (also found on our Really Important Legal Stuff page). (Yeah, you really must read the Really Important Legal Stuff page.)

Sunset/Champagne Cruises

Photograph of sunset on the Neuse River

Sunset cruises depart about 1.5 hours before sunset and return about 1 hour after sunset, and last about three hours. Sunset cruises are $450 for up to six people.

Every sunset cruise comes with complimentary Champagne (Sorry, not not Dom (And, well, actually not really Champagne. As you probably know, a sparking wine can only be called "Champagne" if it is from the Champagne Region of france. Ours is not, so it is not really Champagne.) and light snacks to help you celebrate.

Photograph of sunset on the Neuse River

So, if you have a special occasion to celebrate or just want to relax (with or without friends), come join us for a great time on one of our sunset cruises.

Hourly Cruises

Hourly cruises are $195 per hour for up to 6 people, with a 2 hour minumum.

Half-Day Cruises

Half-day cruises last from 4 to 5 hours and are $695 for up to six people.

Full-Day Cruises

Full-day cruises last about 8-9 hours and are $1200 for up to six people.

Overnight and Extended Cruises

Overnight and extended cruise prices are dependent on the level of service required and the length of time you want to be out. Call us and we will discuss the details.

Details, Details, Details

All charters depart from the Bridgeton Harbor Marina, 1101 N B St in Bridgeton, NC. No worries, this is just across the bridge from New Bern. We are located on B Dock. Call 252.646.8110 when you arrive, and we will meet you at the dock. Please arrive 30 minutes before the planned departure time.

Location for Aquaventures Charters

All Cruises

All cruises (except sunset cruises and pre-arranged dinner cruises and overnighters) are bring your own snacks and beverages. If you consume alcohol, you must do so responsibly. We want you to have a great time, but we require responsible behavior. (See the Really Important Legal Stuff page for Rules.) Remember, your safety is our first concern while you are on Respite.

We suggest light snacks for shorter cruises. For half-day and full-day cruises, sandwiches and other easily stored and prepared foods are ideal. You may use our refrigerator and freezer to store your perishables. DON'T FORGET THE ICE!! You can use our cooler to stow your ice and beverages while on board (any ice and/or beverages left behind will be deemed abandoned and will very likely be consumed by the crew.) If you arrange it in advance, you can use our grill for burgers and dogs and our oven or microwave to heat up buns, beans and other sides. (We will add a $20 clean-up fee for use of the galley.) You should prep all of your extras (sliced onions, tomatoes, lettuce) before you board. We can usually supply condiments if you forget something. If you want a more robust meal, get take-out from a local restaurant, and heat it up in the galley (see previous parenthetical about the $20 clean-up fee).

We have a fully equipped galley, and you are welcome to use our plates and silverware. However, there is that pesky $20.00 clean up fee to consider.

Please do not bring single use plastic water bottles. They are an ecological disaster for a host of reasons, and we have good, filtered water on-board that you may consume free of charge. Stay Hydrated!


Sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding are all great fun. Like all adventure sports, though, they can be dangerous. Of course, it's always fun and games until someone loses an eye. (No one's lost an eye.) While we endeavor to make sure you have a safe and fun trip, we cannot guarantee your safety. You are surrounded by water in the summer time in the southeast. We have lightening storms and plenty of heat, plus sharks, piranhas and ill-tempered, mutated sea bass (okay, not really). There are lines and cleats to trip on, and an ocean or river to fall in to. Who knows, we could be subject to canon fire, maelstrom, whirlpool, whale strike, pirate attack, viking siege, leprosy, plague, blight, overrunning by the Exxon Valdese, voodoo curses, bootleggers, drag racers, splinters, boo-boos and all manner of other unforeseen events. Besides, a lot of the things you choose to do may not be under Captain Rod's supervision. So, AquaventuresNC, LLC requires all guests to sign a release as a condition to stepping on board. You can print and review the release on our Really Important Legal Stuff page. Sign it and bring it with you. Otherwise, you will have to watch as we sail off into the--well, wherever. You just won't be there without your release.